Saturday, October 31, 2009

Do you think the ghosts of Halloween will scare those extra pounds away?

Here is what you can do to become a conscious eater:

  • Remind yourself that Halloween is not only about the candies and treats.

Take your focus off the candy and go all out on creating a fun costume, decorating your home.

Before you put a candy in your mouth, ask yourself “Do I really want this candy, or I just want to change the way I feel about myself?”

  • Engage all 5 of your senses when eating your treat.

The more senses you include in eating, the more control you have over what you eat and how much you eat.
Before putting it in your mouth look at it and notice it’s color.
Then take a bite and listen to hear if it makes a noise as you bite and also pay attention to how it feels as it moves inside your mouth, how it smells.
Notice the taste of the treat and the texture of it.

As you expand your focus, you will see your cravings for candy\teat diminishes.

  • Slow down.

If you have a treat don’t just gulp it down, allow yourself to enjoy your treat.
Really take your time and allow yourself to chew thoroughly on every mouth full.

  • Be present while eating.

When you eat focus only on food. Don’t destruct yourself by watching TV, talking on the phone or playing on computer.  
You will enjoy the treat more making you feel satisfied on less.

Acknowledge the setback, don’t punish yourself for it. Take yourself out of the vicious cycle of punishing yourself with food and feeling guilty. Just choose your next food choice to be a healthy choice.

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