Thursday, January 21, 2010

Emotional Eating 101

North Americans spend billions of dollars on diets in an attempt to instantly improve their physical appearance. Scientific research has proven that, “diets work for only less then 10% of the population”.

Even if every diet you tried was just another disappointment — you CAN lose weight!

I want you to know that you didn’t fail. 

Diets set you up for failure. They do not resolve the underlying emotional issues that cause you to turn to food in the first place. After you attempt several diets, you still notice no difference. You begin to feel like a failure.

Your self-esteem begins to shatter. You punish your body through starvation. When you feed your body with less and less food, what do you think your body does to cope and survive? It slows down metabolism and stores its energy reserves as FAT!

What happens when you get off the diet? It takes all that food you eat and stores it in its fat reserves. As a result you gain more weight!

Most weight gain is caused by “emotional eating”. Eating for comfort because of the way you feel.

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