Sunday, February 28, 2010

What are You Really craving for?

If you are one of many people whose attempts to lose weight were sabotaged by cravings for sugary, salty, greasy, unhealthy food here is what you can do to change the faulty mental programming:

Step One. Develop craving awareness.
Remember, we don't crave food,  we crave love, comfort, security or peace.

Next time you have a craving, pause and become aware of what  are you really craving for. Take a moment to observe, to listen and learn  about you. Do you feel lonely, insecure, anxious, upset or angry?

Learn to be aware of the feelings you have repressed. Because when you become aware of them, you can let these feelings go.

Step Two. Breath through the craving.   

Take a minute or two to pay attention to your breathing. It doesn't matter whether your breath is short or long, deep or shallow. Just focus on your breathing and accept it as it is. Imagine or think to yourself, that with each out breath you exhale loneliness, insecurity, anger or fear. You can visualise a kettle with the steam coming out every time you exhale. The steam was trapped in the  kettle and all you have to do is to open the lid and let the steam out, breath it away breath after breath. Exhaling and letting go of the emotional heaviness, watching cravings shrinking and fading away.

Use these simple techniques to free yourself from cravings.

Look for more self-empowering tools in my next post.

Enjoy your Freedom to be in control of What you Eat, When you Eat and How Much you Eat.

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