Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Warning! Self-Sabotage!

Your body weight and your body image is a direct result of the feelings and thoughts you are dwelling on every day of your life.

Are you aware of them?

You already know how to lose weight. You know that you have to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.

Do you know why you sabotage yourself?

Do you want to learn HOW you can stop your self-sabotage?

Self sabotage is a set of beliefs, feelings and thoughts you have about yourself that prevents you from putting the knowledge into action. Most of these beliefs, feelings and thoughts are ruling our lives without us being consciously aware of them.

Here are four steps we will address to help you to achieve your success (and not only with your weight loss).

It will only take four weeks to free yourself from self-sabotage and create new healthy eating habits. Dare to  make a change?

This week become aware of your own feelings and thoughts.
Never Take a Negative Feeling for Granted. Pay attention to the feelings and thoughts you are dwelling on. Remember that emotional “heaviness” always matches the physical weight of your body.

Explore why you are unhappy (angry, sad, lonely, fearful, guilty, worried, doubtful…)

Learn how to release heavy feelings and burdening thoughts out of your mind.

Learn how to create new positive, healthy eating habits. Learn how to comfort yourself, support yourself and satisfy yourself within your own mind.

Remember your Weight Loss begins in the Mind!